Our athletic bodies require testing to determine force absorption, symmetry, tightness, and many other factors to determine the risk of injury. Our brain-body connections rely on receiving input from our vestibular, proprioceptive, and visual systems to determine awareness, safety, and athletic potential at any moment. Prioritizing rehabilitation of these systems is the key to achieving results.

After completing care, many of our patients are often left asking what the next step is to prevent future injury or re-injury. While we acknowledge that the hard work is done, there is undoubtedly a huge benefit in continued monitoring of muscle recruitment patterns and specific training to preserve the progress made during treatment. ADP is a membership-based program that will meet the needs of our competitive athletes as it pertains to injury prevention.

ADP consists of bi-weekly or monthly neurological screenings designed to flag and subsequently treat decompensations as they appear in order to prevent injury or decreased performance. This is a highly personalized treatment plan to keep patients feeling their best and performing at their peak level.

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