Greater Boston Performance Care is a chiropractic neurology clinic providing leading-edge therapy and technology to improve your physical and neurological functionality. As a specialty clinic, we are not affiliated with any insurance provider. In our treatment model, you pay at the time of service and there are no surprise bills. Using this model allows us to focus on providing direct, one-on-one care that’s based on your specific needs rather than what is dictated by an insurance company.

Treatment can be paid for using cash, a check, a credit/debit card, or with your HSA/FSA. We will provide you with superbills that you can submit directly to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. Most insurance companies, with the exception of Medicare, Medicaid, and some HMOs, provide reimbursement for services received out-of-network.

Although many of our patients are referred to us by other healthcare providers, you do not need a referral.

We provide care for most neuro-musculoskeletal injuries. Our treatment method is not designed to cure, but to initiate a rapid healing response. Please refer to our “How We Can Help” page or contact us via email or phone to discuss your specific case.

We are conveniently located in the Dedham Health & Athletic Complex, 200 Boston Providence Hwy, Dedham, MA 02026.

On your first visit you should expect a thorough consultation, physical and neurological examination, and treatment. It is advised that you eat a hearty breakfast and lunch (if appointment follows) prior to your first visit.

Please wear non-restrictive, comfortable clothing and footwear as rehabilitative treatment may be performed on your first visit.

It is always helpful to bring any imaging or relevant medical records obtained at other locations with you to your first appointment. For your convenience, we can request a copy from the facility after you complete a medical release form.

There is great value for the high-level athlete to leverage GBPC to determine injury risk moving into the new season, even before an injury occurs. Appropriate movement patterns and training routines post-correction will be managed best through physical therapy elsewhere in Dedham Health.

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