Neuro Sensory Integrator (NSI)

Our NSI is a sizeable touchscreen device that uses state-of-the-art technology for post-concussion brain rehab. Its functions include biofeedback through balance assessment and accuracy of motor coordination and timing. Programmable tasks include visual-spatial awareness as well as memory-recall and temporal dimension testing. NSI therapy is ultra-customizable to each patient’s needs and uses data to map treatment progression.


The Saccadometer uses infrared videography to observe eye motion following visual stimuli and compare it to expected norms. This technology allows us to identify any visual latency or inaccuracy that could come as a result of trauma. Gaze stability and dynamic inaccuracies are often the foundation of post-concussion problems.

Focus Builder

The Focus Builder application is a program that gathers data to produce/recommend helpful rehab exercises based on the unique needs of each patient. After determining which areas of the brain are in need of rehab, the Focus Builder will generate customized tasks to address those specific areas.

ARP and Phoenix Wave Technology

This increasingly popular treatment works well for soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms, and for athletes seeking quicker recovery from workouts and training. This equipment works by activating the muscles up to 500 times per second using electrical impulses. The patented square waveform allows for deeper muscle penetration to work muscles that are often overlooked in the recovery process, thus creating lasting results.


Low Level Laser

Hands-On Performance Testing & Treatment

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