Why Therapy and Nutrition Need Each Other

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What are you really doing for your body when you are eating well? What are you really doing for your body when you begin a new workout, strength and endurance routine, or rehab?

When you eat well, you are giving your body the raw materials to make changes, repairs, and adaptations. When you rehab/workout, you are calling on available structures and organizing them into a better system, potentially preserving your health and even improving it.


One without the other is not just half as effective, it is nowhere near as effective. Providing your body with the raw materials needed for building and attempting the construction simultaneously is the supreme way to make progress in the areas you desire. Muscle and brain activity without proper vascularity and nutrients will result in fatigue and won’t contribute to long-term vitality.  Just as consuming good nutrition and raw materials without physical and mental activity will result in the metabolization of these great resources, without putting them to good use and without bettering these neuromuscular pathways.


In the world of functional neurology, we look to engage and stimulate areas of the brain to work more appropriately, leveraging changes in everything from balance to cognitive function, which of course can manifest itself in athletics. Just like any muscle, the brain builds strength from its use. Using these pathways will increase myelin sheathing resulting in more integrated firing the next time you call on upon your brain to perform a similar activity.


Barriers we run into with care can most aptly be attributed to poor nutrition which limits our ability to leverage changes. The micronutrients, minerals, and calories must be present to call upon when we stress the body in healthy ways to make it better. Conversely, what good is eating well if you don’t use it to make yourself stronger, better and faster?

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